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What services are you interested in? BLD is an online business portal built with a goal to make life easier for a consumer/business owners like you to easily find a service / product / vendor / specific tourist attraction from a nearby location. We understand that in today's date finding a good service provider is a huge challenge, hence to surpass this challenge we at BLD have created a user friendly portal which will simplify your search.

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How It Works Discover how BLD can you help you find everything you want. Every step of the way is easy and well defined for the ease of your use.

Looking for Something?
Looking for a specific product / service near your location? Look no further, our powerful database would help you find whatever you need at your location.
Find What You Want
Search the vendors and compare the best vendors near you. Our integrated map will also help you get directions from your place / office to the destination.
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Contact the selected vendors directly from the listing page. We would be happy that you found the right service of your choice through BLD.